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I’m a professional wedding and portrait photographer, graphic designer, and website designer based in South Bend Indiana. I also love to travel and have visited numerous countries around the world. I'd love to talk to you about photographing your wedding or event!

From Makariv, Ukraine

I'm currently in Ukraine, thanks for your patience as I try to get back to your emails! During this time I'm donating entirely or a percentage from my bookings to Ukrainian families or organizations I personally meet. Some have lost everything. Here is a photo of a villager in the small town of Makariv, Ukraine. This was on the front lines of the Russian assault on Kyiv. As you can see, a tank round blew through his roof structurally compromising the entire structure. And this was not the only attack on this property. There was another round that blew the place where he had his animals. The Russians destroyed the water lines, electricity lines, the markets and grocery stores so villagers who survived are left without food or water. There are some organizations brining food by the van load until things can be rebuilt. Unfortunately this destruction is happening on a mass scale across Ukraine and millions of people's lives

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Volunteering in Ukraine

For the next few weeks I'll be in Ukraine working on creating medical routes that will help connect American medical personnel who would be interested in donating first aid items to send to the nurses and doctors in Ukraine. Because of the war, shipping companies like UPS, USPS, FedEx, and others are not delivering in Ukraine. So if someone wanted to send a package to Ukraine it would be quite difficult. So we have some volunteers near the Polish/Ukrainian border who are willing to receive and deliver packages to the border where other volunteers in Ukraine will pick them up and take them directly to the hospitals that requested the items. Everyone in Ukraine wants to help as well as Polish folks who have really stepped up to the challenge. I'll still be working and answering emails but won't be able to answer my phone since I'll have a European SIM card. Please email me if you'd like to book

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