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I’m a professional wedding and portrait photographer, graphic designer, and website designer based in South Bend Indiana. I also love to travel and have visited numerous countries around the world. I'd love to talk to you about photographing your wedding or event!

The War in Ukraine – Chapter 5: The Destruction of Irpin

This is a series of posts about my experience in Poland and Ukraine during the Russian military invasion and attempted takeover of Ukraine in 2022. Irpin is a quiet and modern city north of Kyiv. I had visited Irpin before the war and it was a great place. The buildings were new, the parks were nice, and I spent some time in the refugee center with Ukrainian refugees. Russia actually began its invasion of Ukraine in 2014 and throughout all that time, Ukrainians had their homes destroyed. This invasion was limited though to the Donbas region in the far east of the country, bordering Russia. In any case, some refugees had resettled in the peaceful and quiet city of Irpin. Stories in the captions.

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Photoshooting with Nika

The steps of the cathedral is a popular and favorite place to take photos. It was our first photoshoot with Nika and normally the first shoot is more relaxed to try a few poses and get used to the camera. Practice makes better! If interested in developing your portfolio, contact me today.

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