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I’m a professional wedding and portrait photographer, graphic designer, and website designer based in South Bend Indiana. I also love to travel and have visited numerous countries around the world. I'd love to talk to you about photographing your wedding or event!

Southold Dance Theater at Morris 100 Fest

We’ve been working on some photo ideas with Southold Dance Theater and started with today’s performance at the Morris 100 Fest. I’ll try to capture more than just the performance but the whole experience, like behind the scenes too, so folks can understand and appreciate all that the hard work that goes in to make these performances happen :) Today I was also simultaneously shooting video so if I don’t have photos of a certain dance, it’s because it might be on an upcoming highlight reel. Lastly, if you’re interested in doing a free artistic photoshoot around town send me a message! Hopefully we can make some nice photos that can be used to make Insta inspirational quotes or something artistic like that. We’re starting to lose the warm weather so probably the sooner the better :)

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Southold Dance Theater Portraits

Dance season is here and the Southold Dance Theater is getting ready for some upcoming performances! If you like dance and ballet you’ll want to check out their website for more information. This is a local group based in South Bend that offers dance lessons and has performances year round. You’ll want to see them in action!

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Holy Cross Village Architectural and Interior Photography

I was recently asked to photograph the Holy Cross Village, next to Notre Dame, and do some exterior and interior shots for the website. We also did a photo with the board members and headshots of the staff. It was a nice day for photography and we got a lot done. Thanks Holy Cross Village at Notre Dame for being my newest client!

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