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Thanks so much for choosing me to photograph your wedding! This page will provide all the information you need to reserve your wedding date. There are two steps, sending the wedding form below and sending the retainer. Once those two steps are in, your wedding date is reserved!

Please keep in mind that this Wedding Form below is not the actual contract. The data will be used to fill out the contract which will then be sent to you for digital signatures. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Step 1: The Wedding Form

Please fill out this wedding form. All fields marked with * are required. The wedding date can be reserved even if not all the fields are filled out.

The Bride's Details

The Groom's Details

The Bride and Groom's Details

Your Address After The Wedding

The Ceremony Details

The Reception Details

The Ceremony and Reception Details

The Wedding Date

Photography Start Time

Photography End Time

The Wedding Date, Photography Start Time and End Time

Thanks for filling out this wedding form! The data in this form will be used to fill out the Photo Agreement, which is a contract that will be sent to your emails for digital signatures. The filling and sending of this form is considered an intent to sign and after the retainer is paid, the studio will reserve your date! By submitting this form you agree to these terms.

Thank you! The form has been successfully submitted. Please proceed to step 2 to finish booking!
Please check that all the starred fields are filled out. Also might need to refresh the page. Please try again thank you!

Step 2: Send the Retainer

Below on the left is the link to the retainer for Standard Wedding coverage. The link on the right is for A La Carte packages that have been discussed ahead of time. Once the Wedding Form and the retainer are sent in, your wedding date is reserved!

This is the retainer for the Wedding package.

This is the retainer for A La Carte Wedding packages.

Congrats! Your Date Is Reserved!


Alright, your date is reserved! Soon, after we finalize the wedding details (if not already) I will send you the Photo Agreement via Adobe Sign, which is a digital signing service.

You’ll receive an email to sign the pdf agreement, then after you sign it, it will automatically come to me to sign. Once we all sign, we will get signed copies sent to our emails automatically.

No need to sign up or create an account! After the Photo Agreement has been signed, we can schedule a meeting at least a week before the wedding just to confirm the wedding day schedule, weather, locations, or any other updates.

The wedding balance is due 14 days before the wedding date. It can be sent through this page on the Custom Balance page. Then we’re all set!

Frequently Asked Questions


If your question isn’t answered in this section, please reach out to me through the contact form below!

1. What is your pricing for weddings & engagements?2021-03-16T21:13:41-04:00

A la Carte per-hour wedding photography coverage begins at $300. Complete wedding day packages start at $3000. My pricing is flexible. Do you only need coverage for the ceremony? Perhaps just some portraits? We can start with 1 hour of coverage and work our way up to a full day of coverage. Engagement photo sessions are $300 and include up to 2 hours of photography coverage. There are no limits to locations or wardrobe changes! Please schedule a meeting with me so that we can go over the full pricelist information with you.

2. How can we reserve our date?2021-03-16T21:26:35-04:00

Please contact me first so we can determine availability. To book a date, my studio would need 1. a filled out photo agreement and 2. a retainer. I’ll send you instructions and links to do that, which can be done quickly online, super easy!

3. Do we get the high resolution files?2021-03-16T21:28:29-04:00

For every shoot, I provide the high resolution digital files via Dropbox, Google Drive, or Amazon Drive where they will be backed up in the cloud. If you can, please make a backup of the files when you receive them. Of course I also keep physical backups on my hard drives in case something happens. The great news is  that the files come without watermarks, symbols, or copyright text and are available to you for printing, posting on social media, or use for any personal project.

4. When is the wedding balance due?2021-03-16T21:29:54-04:00

After the retainer has been sent, the wedding date is reserved. Following that the wedding balance deadline is two weeks before the wedding date.

5. Do you have an assistant?2021-03-16T21:17:52-04:00

To be as inobtrusive as possible, I normally work without assistants. However, that could change if the client wishes to have a second photographer or a slideshow at the reception.

6. Have you photographed at the Notre Dame Basilica?2021-03-16T21:32:20-04:00

Yes. I’m very experienced at the Basilica and on campus. There are several rules at the Basilica and timing/punctuality is very important as there are multiple weddings at the Basilica during the weekends. So no worries! I can help guide, suggest ideas, and keep things moving along so everything is met according to the necessary timeframes. I have a lot of experience in this area!

7. Will Josef Samuel be the photographer?2021-03-16T21:18:17-04:00

Yes. I’ll be the primary photographer at your wedding :)

8. How many pictures do you take at weddings?2021-03-16T21:35:07-04:00

On a full day wedding event, I typically deliver 1000-1300 photos to the client. This is after narrowing it down and removing the blurry photos and blinkies. All photos are corrected for brightness, color temperature, cropping and straightening, sharpening, and other corrections. This process can take a week and up to two weeks.

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