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New Youth Camps Photography Portfolio

I've been helping out at camps for the past ten years or so and always have a great time capturing candid moments and the spirit of youth camps. I figured it was time to create a portfolio. I'll be adding more photos from previous years soon! Check out my new portfolio here. I've photographed paint wars, water wars, smoke wars, and games where flour, oatmeal, and jello was thrown around. With my special protective camera case -that also allows me to do underwater photos- I'm able to be right in the middle of all the action. I love those shots! I also have a drone for aerial videography and photos, as well as a collection of GoPro cameras for amazing group selfies, photos and video on rollercoasters, and unique angles where GoPros can be mounted. I love making short video recaps with all these cool angles. Contact me if you have a camp where you'd like some super fun and

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New Graduations Section

Congratulations to all the graduates, I wish you the best on all your future endeavors! This week has been quite busy week and thankfully we had great weather every day. I've created a new graduation portfolio where I'll soon be adding more graduation photos and portraits. You can view it here.

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Updates Coming

Since launching my new website, I have thousands of photos to process and upload still. From events, professional headshots, weddings and years of photographing competitions like The Fischoff Competition held at the University of Notre Dame and adding new products to my store, it's a bit overwhelming but slowly and surely everything will get sorted and uploaded.

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Featuring Notre Dame Weddings

I'm building an Instagram account that has photos of weddings exclusively from Notre Dame that I've taken over the years and contain wedding ideas, decorations, cakes, and more helpful ideas for brides and grooms who are planning on getting married there. The Basilica at Notre Dame is considered one of the most beautiful in the nation, what an amazing place! Follow my account at @ndweddings  

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Brand New Website ReDesign

I'm excited to launch a brand new website redesign. This powerful and cutting edge website includes new integrations across several platforms. One of the features is the addition of a self-hosted, integrated online store where I can create and list an unlimited number of products as well as handle bookings, subscriptions, gift cards, shirts and apparel without having to use a third party or direct to another website. It also features a seamless mobile design for tablets and phones. It's also upgradeable, which is excellent for security purposes and to keep it current with the latest browser technologies. And the best part of it all is that since it's self hosted,  no need for third parties! While it'll still take some time to fully develop it, I'm excited for all the new potential!

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Sonya and Sarim: Granger Indiana Wedding

Congratulations to Sonya and Sarim. The wedding was great and I loved how the ceremony and reception were all done at home. May you have a great time being married!

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Photoshooting in Santa Catalina

Had a great time doing a shoot in this amazing location. This is the 16th century Monasterio de Santa Catalina known for its red and blue walls and for it's colonial Spanish architecture. We spent an afternoon taking photos and exploring this massive complex. There's so much interesting history here as it was one of the original structures built hundreds of years ago. Also, the walls are made from white volcanic rock. That part was fascinating, I've never seen white volcanic rock before. In many rooms and buildings they had painted the walls and ceiling various colors. Beautiful place!

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Nashville Video Project

I've been working for several weeks here in Nashville on a video project! While I'm based in Michiana, I do travel for work. It's been a great experience working on this project, more details coming in the future!

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Beach Shoot with Shayla

Saint Joseph Michigan is one of my favorite places to do photoshoots. It's a really picturesque town and the beach is great for sunsets. We spent an afternoon exploring the town and then taking some photos at the beach. Always a great time!

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