Pean Family Photos

Had fun taking some family photos up in Granger, Indiana. We were hoping it wouldn't rain and thankfully it didn't. Took a lot of photos, here are some samples!

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Nashville Art & Murals

I was in Nashville recently and wanted to see some of the sights. Apparently there are tours of just the art and murals and such since it's a really artistic and musical city. Thanks to Ashley and family for taking me around town and showing me some of the sights! We didn't get to all of them but we were out all day. I have many more photos but these are just a few for now!

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Photographing in Jacksonville

I recently spent some time doing some photoshoots in Jacksonville, Florida. It was a great place and had lots of cool vistas and backgrounds. This week I'll be at a camp so I don't have much time to post photos but I hope to get around to it soon!

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New Graduations Section

Congratulations to all the graduates, I wish you the best on all your future endeavors! This week has been quite busy week and thankfully we had great weather every day. I've created a new graduation portfolio where I'll soon be adding more graduation photos and portraits. You can view it here.

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Beach Shoot with Shayla

Saint Joseph Michigan is one of my favorite places to do photoshoots. It's a really picturesque town and the beach is great for sunsets. We spent an afternoon exploring the town and then taking some photos at the beach. Always a great time!

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