Sonya and Sarim: Granger Indiana Wedding

Congratulations to Sonya and Sarim. The wedding was great and I loved how the ceremony and reception were all done at home. May you have a great time being married!

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Photoshooting in Santa Catalina

Had a great time doing a shoot in this amazing location. This is the 16th century Monasterio de Santa Catalina known for its red and blue walls and for it's colonial Spanish architecture. We spent an afternoon taking photos and exploring this massive complex. There's so much interesting history here as it was one of the original structures built hundreds of years ago. Also, the walls are made from white volcanic rock. That part was fascinating, I've never seen white volcanic rock before. In many rooms and buildings they had painted the walls and ceiling various colors. Beautiful place!

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Mike and Lisa: Notre Dame Basilica Wedding

Congratulations Mike and Lisa on a wonderful and fun wedding!

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Arequipa, Peru Wedding Shoot and Video

Arequipa, Peru is known as the Ciudad Blanca, or White City, because all the early buildings were built with white volcanic rocks. There are still buildings being built with these white rocks today. The huge volcano, Misti, is a trademark icon of the city of Arequipa. This is a short behind the scenes video of our shoot. We photographed in the historic Plaza de Armas in downtown Arequipa, then headed to the Yanahuara Cathedral for some photos with the famous Misti volcano in the background. Shooting on Calle Mercaderes near the center of town. The Plaza de Armas in downtown Arequipa. In the Plaza Yanahuara overlooking the city. This maestro played for us. The cathedral entrance. With the Cathedral of Yanahuara in the background. Congrats Xavier and Janira!

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