From Makariv, Ukraine

I'm currently in Ukraine, thanks for your patience as I try to get back to your emails! During this time I'm donating entirely or a percentage from my bookings to Ukrainian families or organizations I personally meet. Some have lost everything. Here is a photo of a villager in the small town of Makariv, Ukraine. This was on the front lines of the Russian assault on Kyiv. As you can see, a tank round blew through his roof structurally compromising the entire structure. And this was not the only attack on this property. There was another round that blew the place where he had his animals. The Russians destroyed the water lines, electricity lines, the markets and grocery stores so villagers who survived are left without food or water. There are some organizations brining food by the van load until things can be rebuilt. Unfortunately this destruction is happening on a mass scale across Ukraine and millions of people's lives

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Standing With Ukraine

I have visited Ukraine numerous times and have many friends and contacts there. After consideration I have decided to go to Ukraine and help. It is imperative that the Russian invaders be defeated or we may enter a third world war. In the 1940s if Hitler could have been stopped before his expansion, millions would have been spared and we would not have had a holocaust. Putin must be stopped.

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