Volunteering in Ukraine

For the next few weeks I’ll be in Ukraine working on creating medical routes that will help connect American medical personnel who would be interested in donating first aid items to send to the nurses and doctors in Ukraine. Because of the war, shipping companies like UPS, USPS, FedEx, and others are not delivering in Ukraine. So if someone wanted to send a package to Ukraine it would be quite difficult. So we have some volunteers near the Polish/Ukrainian border who are willing to receive and deliver packages to the border where other volunteers in Ukraine will pick them up and take them directly to the hospitals that requested the items. Everyone in Ukraine wants to help as well as Polish folks who have really stepped up to the challenge. I’ll still be working and answering emails but won’t be able to answer my phone since I’ll have a European SIM card. Please email me if you’d like to book

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Running the Mad Dash in Belgrade, Serbia

It was a lovely spring day in Belgrade. I found Belgrade to be so quiet, calm, and peaceful. And very clean and beautiful. Also had all these intriguing soviet vestiges. One thing I did notice here though were all the refugees sleeping in parks. When I first got off the train and was walking trying to find the hostel, I was walking through a park and noticed all these blankets strewn about everywhere.

On a second look, I realized that people were sleeping in them. I wasn’t expecting it so I was a little surprised but it took a second to see that these folks were all refugees and I almost felt a little rude walking through the park as I didn’t want to disturb them. Below is a photo of one of the parks. Near the station there were a few parks and the other ones were even more full.

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