Nashville Art & Murals

I was in Nashville recently and wanted to see some of the sights. Apparently there are tours of just the art and murals and such since it’s a really artistic and musical city. Thanks to Ashley and family for taking me around town and showing me some of the sights! We didn’t get to all of them but we were out all day. I have many more photos but these are just a few for now!

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Photographing in Nashville, Tennessee

On my travels I stopped by Nashville for some shoots. This is quite a city! Every restaurant downtown has a band playing and there are a lot of bachelorette parties happening there. I guess it’s the place for that. We even saw a black party hearse that had the roof removed and a bride-to-be and her girls were standing and dancing in the back with music going. That was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while!

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Nashville Video Project

I’ve been working for several weeks here in Nashville on a video project! While I’m based in Michiana, I do travel for work. It’s been a great experience working on this project, more details coming in the future!

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