The War in Ukraine – Chapter 1: Lublin, Poland

This is a series of posts I’ll make about my experience in Poland and Ukraine during the Russian military invasion and attempted takeover of Ukraine in 2022. I arrived in Poland in late March and with the help of Polish volunteers, I was able to make my way to the Polish-Ukrainian border and then into Ukraine after staying a few days in Lublin, Poland. Immediately when I arrived I could sense the tension of war.

The following photos are from my stop in Lublin, Poland which is about half way between Warsaw and Przemysl, a town on the Polish/Ukrainian border. Millions of refugees have come through this border crossing and sadly even some died on their journey after they had walked for days. 

While I was in Lublin, I learned a lot from the Polish perspective. Poland has suffered what Ukraine is suffering in World War 2 when Germany and the Soviet Union invaded and took over Poland. So Poland remembers and