Shift Conference

This event was held in Fort Wayne, Indiana and featured speakers from all around the world. They spoke about several projects in Africa, India, the Middle East and more. I knew several of the speakers from having volunteered in Africa and the Middle East and met them in a similar conference in Cameroon. It was such a great time!

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Israel: Visiting the Holy Land

I recently had the opportunity to visit Israel! It was an incredible experience. It was particularly special because my parents also came along as part of their 50th wedding anniversary celebration :) We toured the Holy Land and learned a lot about history, wars, conflicts, and why there’s so much turmoil in the Middle East.

The photo above is a sunrise over the Dead Sea. Swimming in it felt like swimming in oily water, almost had like a sticky film to it because of the salt. But it was pretty cool, of course I had to taste it a little bit to see just how salty it was. And yes it was super salty! We stayed in a hotel with this as our view. An amazing experience!

Ceaseara was a port city built to honor Caesar by King Herod. Of course, he was

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