New Portfolio Gallery!

This is a recently developed website and I’m still working on transferring the tens of thousands of photos from my old website. I added a gallery of photos from Sonya and Sarim’s wedding to my portfolio and will add more wedding photos from previous clients soon! In the future I hope to have several galleries from client wedding days that will give a more complete idea from weddings from start to end in addition to my current portfolio which is a combination of photos from various weddings I’ve photographed. To view this new gallery, click here.

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T-Shirt Modeling

I’m in the process of designing apparel and hiring folks to model my designs! We had fun this afternoon taking some photos and it was great to have a nice warm day. Sadly winter is coming so I’ll take any warm day that I get.

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Panera Bread Commercial Photoshoot

Just wrapped up a photoshoot at the brand new Panera Bread in South Bend. The new location features a drive through, convenient parking and access from Ireland road which is a nice upgrade from the old location. I was hired to do exterior shots as well as aerial shots with Notre Dame in the background. Are you a business in Michiana that would like some aerial photos that help customers know your location, especially in relation to major landmarks? Contact me today!

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