Shift Conference

This event was held in Fort Wayne, Indiana and featured speakers from all around the world. They spoke about several projects in Africa, India, the Middle East and more. I knew several of the speakers from having volunteered in Africa and the Middle East and met them in a similar conference in Cameroon. It was such a great time!

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Expanding to Europe

I've been doing a lot of traveling and am excited to be expanding to Eastern Europe on a more frequent basis. I'll be doing a lot of photography and have a particular interest in Eastern Europe and its history. I'll still work in the USA but my schedule will be more limited in the future as I will be traveling back and forth. At some point I will likely move and do more travel and photography in the surrounding area like the Middle East, North Africa, Central Europe, and perhaps some of the 'Stan countries. Eastern Europe captured my attention as soon as I arrived the first time. Its history is particularly interesting to me. The architecture is also quite interesting and features a lot of golden domes that remind me of Arabian nights or some Persian fairytale. Isn't it amazing? I can't wait to do more photography and general exploration of this part of the world. I've learned so

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