Noah and Lainie: New Buffalo Michigan Proposal

I had a great time trying to plan for this proposal and trying to keep it as a surprise as much as possible. The proposal would be on a new platform by the beach in New Buffalo and the challenge was for me to somehow hide or not be visible as to not give anything away. But at this location there wasn’t really any way to hide so I brought my portable orange changing tent and set up by the platform. I would be ready with my camera and would try to get some proposal photos without being obtrusive and I think it worked. The tricky part was that there were more people out walking around than expected but finally when the time came the platform had cleared and all was good to go. Congratulations Noah and Lainie!

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Yucheng & Kristy: Day After Photo Session

Day After photo sessions are so much fun! These allow us to take more photos after the wedding and can make the wedding day more relaxed. We spent an afternoon taking some casual and relaxed portraits at the beach. We also were able to use the wedding dress one more time, which was nice. Here are some excerpts!

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