Designed by Joe

I’m excited to open a brand new section on my website! Designed by Joe is a collection of apparel designs for the adventurous person. I look forward to adding more designs in the future! View more in the About/Designed by Joe section.

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Photographing in Nashville, Tennessee

On my travels I stopped by Nashville for some shoots. This is quite a city! Every restaurant downtown has a band playing and there are a lot of bachelorette parties happening there. I guess it’s the place for that. We even saw a black party hearse that had the roof removed and a bride-to-be and her girls were standing and dancing in the back with music going. That was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while!

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Photographing in Jacksonville

I recently spent some time doing some photoshoots in Jacksonville, Florida. It was a great place and had lots of cool vistas and backgrounds. This week I’ll be at a camp so I don’t have much time to post photos but I hope to get around to it soon!

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