1. What is your pricing for wedding and engagement photography?2020-09-17T22:18:07+00:00

A la Carte per-hour wedding photography coverage begins at $300. Complete wedding day packages start at $3000. My pricing is flexible. Do you only need coverage for the ceremony? Perhaps just some portraits? We can start with 1 hour of coverage and work our way up to a full day of coverage. Engagement photo sessions are $300 and include up to 2 hours of photography coverage. There are no limits to locations or wardrobe changes! Please schedule a meeting with me so that we can go over the full pricelist information with you.

2. How can we reserve our date?2020-09-17T21:53:31+00:00

My studio requires 1. a signed contract and 2. a retainer to reserve a date. Keep in mind that I photograph and reserve only one wedding per day.

3. When is the final balance due?2020-09-17T21:54:36+00:00

The final balance deadline is two weeks before the wedding date.

4. Do you provide DVDs of high resolution files?2020-08-19T06:02:33+00:00

For every shoot, I provide the high resolution digital files via Dropbox, Google Drive, or Amazon Drive where they will be backed up in the cloud. If you can, please make a backup of the files when you receive them. Of course I also keep physical backups on my hard drives in case something happens. The files come without watermarks, symbols, or copyright text and are ready for printing or use for any personal project.

5. How many pictures do you take?2020-09-17T21:58:17+00:00

On a full day wedding event, I typically deliver 1000-1300 proofs to the client. This is after narrowing it down and removing the blurry photos and blinks.

6. Will Josef Samuel be the photographer?2020-02-27T01:55:26+00:00

Yes. I’ll be the primary photographer at your wedding :)

7. Have you photographed at the Notre Dame Basilica?2020-02-27T01:56:26+00:00

Yes. I’m very experienced at the Basilica and on campus. There are several rules at the Basilica and timing/punctuality is very important as there are multiple weddings at the Basilica during the weekends.

8. Do you have an assistant?2020-02-27T01:56:57+00:00

To be as inobtrusive as possible, I normally work without assistants. However, that could change if the client wishes to have a second photographer or a slideshow at the reception.

9. My wedding will take place outside the United States. Do you travel?2020-09-17T22:00:27+00:00

Yes. I’m a very experienced traveler and have photographed weddings and portraits in many countries. I’ll be happy to provide you with an all inclusive quote.

1. Do you do professional headshots?2020-09-17T22:52:48+00:00

Yes. Whether it be for LinkedIn, an application, or your blog I have a selection of backdrops that we can use for your professional headshot. Each headshot includes retouching and a session is $120 that includes one edited file. During the actual session we’ll take several photos until we get the perfect one. Files will be sent by Amazon Drive, Dropbox, or Google Drive.

2. Do you do family photos?2020-09-17T22:57:33+00:00

Yes. I’ve photographed many families throughout the years. Kids, pets no problem! We can choose an outside location such as a park, by a lake, or your home. Sessions are generally an hour that allows us to take several different poses and groups.

3. Do you do photos for models and social media influencers?2020-09-17T23:03:09+00:00

Yes. Having worked with professional models, I can help you develop your portfolio and possibly even connect you with businesses who would hire models for ad campaigns. I work in a professional manner and all shoots are discussed in detail before each shoot. Are you a blogger or looking to increasing your social media presence? It’s no secret having amazing photos is one of the keys to success. Contact me if you’d like to work together to increase your social media following!

4. Do you photograph baptisms?2020-02-27T02:05:36+00:00

Yes. I’ve photographed several baptisms at Notre Dame and other churches in South Bend. Sessions are generally an hour and include the ceremony as well as some family portraits afterwards. Pricing is $200 and includes the photography time, the editing time, as well as the high resolution files.

1. What are your hours of operation?2020-02-27T02:06:14+00:00

Generally open from 11am to 7pm Monday through Friday, but please call or email first to schedule an appointment.

2. Do you offer individual digital downloads of the pictures?2020-02-27T02:07:30+00:00

Yes. Your guests can now order digital copies and use them to make their own prints and enlargements. The digital downloads are sent via email.

3. Can I pay by credit card?2020-02-27T02:08:01+00:00

Yes. I accept cash, checks, and credit cards. Checks can be mailed to the address of my studio. For credit card payments, I use the Venmo and Paypal apps which makes it easy to transfer payments quickly and securely. My email, studio@josefsamuel.com can be used as the recepient. You can shop with confidence at my online store and online gallery.

4. What’s your policy on traveling within the continental US?2020-02-27T02:08:32+00:00

If the destination is within an 6 hour drive from South Bend, then a standard mileage travel fee would apply. This is set by the IRS and varies year by year but can range from 50-80 cents/mile. If the destination is further than that, then airfare and hotel costs would apply.

5. Do you speak another language?2020-02-27T02:09:03+00:00

Yes. Having lived in South America for 18 years, I’m also fluent in Spanish. And now more recently, I’m learning Russian, slowly but surely! :)

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