Traveling through Turkey, we stopped by Ephesus, the ancient Roman capital of Asia Minor. It was incredible walking through the ruins and seeing just how much emphasis the Romans put into architecture, sculpture, their columns and temples. Truly a spectacular sight!

Sadly, I lost nearly all of my images of my Turkey and Israel trip due to a damaged hard drive. These photos I had copied to my parent’s laptop. They came with me for this part of the trip!

Ephesus in its heyday must have been rather spectacular. Walking through the ruins, we were able to get just a glimpse as to what the city was like. This city used to be a port city but the ocean receded.

Along with powerful earthquakes that destroyed large parts of the city, the fact that it was no longer a port city was part of the reason why people left. Here is the theater, which was their form of television. Can you image going on a regular basis to watch real life dramas, plays, events, etc along with a crowd of people. How amazing it would be!

Sad to see the great city in shambles.

The incredible Libray of Celsus, with an incredibly bad tilted photo. I didn’t even bother editing these pics oops.

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