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I’m a professional wedding and portrait photographer, graphic designer, and website designer based in South Bend Indiana. I also love to travel and have visited numerous countries around the world. I'd love to talk to you about photographing your wedding or event!

Sonya & Sarim: Granger Indiana Wedding

Congratulations to Sonya and Sarim on your Granger Indiana wedding! The wedding was great and I loved how the ceremony and reception were all done at home in a tent with a special cookout. Very convenient and cozy. May you have a great life ahead being married!

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Photoshooting in Santa Catalina

Had a great time doing a shoot in this amazing location. This is the 16th century Monasterio de Santa Catalina known for its red and blue walls and for it’s colonial Spanish architecture. We spent an afternoon taking photos and exploring this massive complex. There’s so much interesting history here as it was one of the original structures built hundreds of years ago. Also, the walls are made from white volcanic rock. That part was fascinating, I’ve never seen white volcanic rock before. In many rooms and buildings they had painted the walls and ceiling various colors. Beautiful place!

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Expanding to Europe

I’ve been doing a lot of traveling and am excited to be expanding to Eastern Europe on a more frequent basis. I’ll be doing a lot of photography and have a particular interest in Eastern Europe and its history. I’ll still work in the USA but my schedule will be more limited in the future as I will be traveling back and forth. At some point I will likely move and do more travel and photography in the surrounding area like the Middle East, North Africa, Central Europe, and perhaps some of the ‘Stan countries.

Eastern Europe captured my attention as soon as I arrived the first time. Its history is particularly interesting to me.

The architecture is also quite interesting and features a lot of golden domes that remind me of Arabian nights or some Persian fairytale. Isn’t it amazing?

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