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Hi I'm Joe and I am a professional wedding, portrait, event, and travel photographer. I am very passionate about what I do and would love to talk to you about photographing your wedding or event :)

I got my start in photography back in college. Shortly after graduating, I started photographing weddings and really fell in love with it. I've been privileged to have photographed couples in 16th century monasteries, in Incan ruins, in Mexican forts, in the Notre Dame Basilica and many other cool places.

In the summer sometimes photography interns come and help out at the studio. These are usually college students majoring in photography and it's a lot of fun doing photography together. Videography is also something that I offer, and I can provide anything from aerial to underwater professional video and photography.

World Travels and Adventures

What am I doing when not taking pictures at weddings or events in South Bend? Traveling and going on adventures! I love to travel and go to interesting places around the world. I have quite a few stories to tell and many photos to share. The stories on my journal are barely scratching the surface!

So far I've been through North, Central, and South America (spent several years in the Andes), through Europe several times, Asia and China, Australia even to New Zealand. Recently I travelled through Africa and then headed back into Europe. What's most interesting is all the people I meet along the way. I've met some really interesting people with unique life stories and it's almost like I have homes in various countries around the world :)

These are just a sample of the places I've been to. Check out my Instagram @joesadventures for more travel pics...sorry if it takes me about a year or two to post something from a trip.

Also, if you have a project abroad and need photography or videography, shoot me a line. I have a good amount of experience doing photoshoots internationally.

My Photography Studio in Downtown South Bend

My photo studio is located in downtown South Bend Indiana and am finally done with all the remodeling! Some friends and I put in every single tile on the floor and repainted the walls about seven times (had to be just the right shade of gray) and even took out the drop ceiling and completely refinished it. Took a lot of work but I'm so happy how it turned out :)

It's a great place to work in and also serves as a showroom where clients can see the photo products that I offer. I can also do photoshoots for portraiture, products and even teach photography classes. In the summer, sometimes college students majoring in photography come do internships and learn photography :) It's a happening place!

Are you a photographer needing a space to take portraits? I am open to having folks come over and have had many photographer friends come by who've had photo projects and done them in the studio. If you are interested, write me an email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it :)

Community and Charities

One of my passions is to help the community by donating or offering reduced prices of my photography services to various charities and non-profits. For instance, I've been actively involved with United Way for the past few years and a few others..

I volunteered with World Partners and traveled to Africa in early 2017 to support their cause! Also another organization I recently became involved with is Ebenezer Christian School, a school in Arequipa, Peru that helps poor families by giving their kids an education. This is a great way to end the poverty cycle.

Are you a local charity or non-profit in the South Bend area? Send me a line at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you have a photo project, I'd be glad to see if I can help!

These are some of the charities and non-profits we've helped in the past. Every year it seems like I add some to my list!

Charities We've Helped

Reviews and Testimonials

Check out the reviews my clients have given me on Google. Looking for an event or wedding photographer or videographer? Send me a line and I hope we can work together!

Commercial Clients and Publications

I've been blessed to work with some great commercial clients. They include University Park Mall, the University of Notre Dame, Red Bull, 1st Source Bank, Memorial Hospital of South Bend, and more.

My work has been published in the New York Times, aired on the Fox and Friends Morning Show, in the Notre Dame magazine, in Focus Italy, and others.


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Directions to the Studio

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Map to the Studio

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